Google has done it again. Society’s go to search tool for the mundane or seemingly uncrackable questions, Google now has a solution for the dying art of journalism. In the official announcement published this Monday on the Google blog, Google’s latest endeavor, News Lab, is described as “a new effort at Google to empower innovation at the intersection of technology and media. Our mission is to collaborate with journalists and entrepreneurs to help build the future of media.”  News Lab aligns with Google’s overall mission of helping to “ensure quality information is accessible and useful everywhere, we want to ensure that innovation in news leads to a more informed, democratic world” the announcement states.

Google News Lab


News Lab is comprised of tutorials for journalists on how to best utilize Google Maps, YouTube and Google Trends platforms in order to reduce the information overload that begrudges reporters reporting on breaking news.

Google has also enlisted some up and coming media startups, Matter and Hacks/Hacker to take part in the reformation of journalism. Matter is based in San Francisco and is a media startup accelerator that has been backed by the likes of Public Radio Exchange and the Knight Foundation. They will be partnering with the media startups they have backed, like News Deeply and the acclaimed Curious Nation, to increase resources for journalists on Google News Lab.

Hacks/Hacker is a grassroots journalism organization that is serious about “rebooting journalism.” They aim to be on the cutting edge of new media and the spread of information by giving journalists and “technologists” the networks, media tools and means to spread information and ideas. It is clear Google agrees with their grassroots mission by partnering with them for the expansion of News Lab.

And there we have it. Google, in their goal to be the premiere organizer of the world’s information, is now a hero. With the creation of News Lab and partnering with successful media startups, Google is a pioneer of journalism’s cultural remaking.


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